To start we will make sure that you are asbestos regulation compliant. We will assess your premises to determine where asbestos in present. Part of the assessment we make recommendations to each section or buildings. Regulation 7(1)

The next step would be to compile a asbestos register Regulation 14 (1) (b)  

Now we can start with the services we offer -

  1. Removal of asbestos roof sheets (all profiles)
  2.  Removal of asbestos gutters and down pipes
  3.  Removal of asbestos ceilings
  4.  Removal of asbestos vynil floor tiles
  5.  Removal of asbestos lagging (insulation)
  6.  Cleaning of asbestos roof sheets
  7.  Asbestos mine rehabilitation
We offer a unique option for clients what wants to remove there asbestos roof sheets and replaced with metal roof sheeting. We remove sections at a time and closes them the same day. This will ensure that the only one supplier is onsite and a lot of risks is eliminated.

Other services we offer  is installation of metal roof sheets, demolition, installation of insulation products and roof painting.